1. How many hours per day can I wear the CELL?

You can wear the WaveLife — Energy Cell 24 hours per day. We recommend taking it off before you take a shower, and we recommend cleaning the product. Many users wear the Cell for 7 days straight, and tolerate the adhesive extremely well. The adhesive should not irritate your skin. We recommend using the adhesive tapes included with the Cell, because unlike most conventional adhesives, ours are acrylic-based and not latex-based.

2. When will I start to see results?

This differs from person to person. The initial effects of pain reduction can occur after mere minutes, hours, or it could take a few days. Expect long-term calibration and allow three to seven days to recognize the full impact of the Energy Cell.

3. How long does the Cell function before it needs to be replaced?

User reports have indicated that the Cell works for up to 6 months after first-time use. Some users report good resultseven after the 6 months are up. However, for best results, we do recommend replacing the Cell after 6 months, rather than wearing the same one for longer than 6 months.

4. Can therapists record new frequencies onto the Cell?

We do not recommend this without proper training and accreditation by WaveLife Technologies.

5. Do I have to remove the Cell at night or before bed?

No, you don’t have to remove the Cell before bedtime. Some Cells, such as the Sleep Cell and Anti-Inflammation Cell, are supposed to be worn primarily at night, and all of them can be worn 24 hours per day.

6. Is it dangerous to wear the Cell for too long?

We have had zero reports of any negative side effects, habituation effects, or long-term exposure effects. The WaveLife — Energy Cell is natural and non-chemical.

7. Is it absolutely necessary to put the Cell directly on my skin?

The best results are achieved when you place the Cell’s silicone surface directly onto your skin. Should you be unable to do so, please contact one of our experts for further instructions.

8. Where and how should I apply the Cell?

The Cell should be applied directly onto the painful area of your body. Should the location of the pain change, readjust the Cell accordingly. If you tend to experience systemic complaints such as a lack of energy or sleep problems, then in your case the Cell should be placed on the solar plexus (for issues in the torso area), on the 7th cervical vertebra of the neck area (for issues in the shoulders and head area), or on sole of the foot (for issues below the waist). For detailed information, please refer to the instruction manual that comes with the Cell. Tip: According to user reports, the VERTICAL application of the Cell yields better results.

9. Can I loan my Cell to someone else or give it as a gift?

Of course. The Cell tends to be shared and used for various symptoms, especially among family members and friends. Sometimes the Cell is loaned to a friend or family member who is experiencing pain, and often the Cell is bought as a gift for a friend or family member who struggles with chronic pain.

10. How does the Cell work?

By applying the Cell on your body at the pain site, your body absorbs therapeutic, custom-made frequencies to help your body’s cells communicate better for higher coherence, regeneration and metabolism without chemical ingredients. These results have also been confirmed in lab tests.

11. How is the information transferred to the Cell and what information is it?

The special information recorded onto the Cell is generated by a revolutionary Vital Field frequency generator. This revolutionary technology has been used in over 2,800 clinics for over 30 years. It generates microcurrent, magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields of up to 120 billion hertz.

12. How do I store the Cell correctly?

Store the Cell in a dry place away from light.

13. Can other frequencies like cell phone radiation, WiFi, or electronic smog affect the Cell’s functionality?

We know from many years of experience that the Cell’s special composition provides very good protection against these frequencies, but it is advisable not to put the Cell near strong magnetic fields (e.g. electronic devices).

14. What happens if I apply the Cell the wrong way, i.e., with the magnet on the skin?

The treatment will be less intense and might work less effectively if you apply it the wrong way, but it will not harm you.

15. Will the Cell be affected or deleted if I walk through a security check at an airport, for example?

Thanks to its special composition, the Cell is protected from the frequencies that occur in these settings. Until now, there have been no reported incidents of Cells being affected by security checks at airports. However, we recommend taking the Cell off of your skin when undergoing treatments that involve the use of magnetic fields.

16. What happens if I accidentally wash the Cell in the washing machine?

That is no problem. The material properties of the Cell can handle it, and the Cell likely won’t get ruined.

17. How do I clean the Cell?

You can either rinse the Cell with plain water or clean it with a disinfectant (not a silicone-based one).

18. Can I wear several different Cells at the same time?

Yes, this is possible. Depending on your symptoms, several combinations are possible, which might even enhance the overall effects. Some people who experience pain in multiple areas of their body will order multiple cells to wear. However, make sure you do not wear the Sleep Cell at the same time as the Energy Cell, for example, as their effects can cancel each other out.

19. Can I place Cells designed for a specific area of the body (e.g. HIP, HEAD or BACK) on other areas instead?

Theoretically yes, but they are most effective when you use them on the spot they were designed for.

20. Where can I find unbiased information on the effectiveness of the WaveLife Cell?

The WaveLife Cell was successfully used on over 500 people during an intense development stage. Additionally, the positive effects on the body’s cells were investigated in a long-term clinical study by the Dartsch Scientific GmbH institute for cell biological test systems.

21. Can I return the Cell if I am not satisfied?

Yes, you can return the Cell within 30 days of purchase, in its original packaging, if there are no signs of wear. Shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer. We recommend trying the Cell for other/similar problems before sending it back, as the specific frequencies may be more successful in that case. For further information on this subject, please read our references reporting on the successful application of the Cell or contact our customer service.

22. Can the Cell be used during pregnancy or safely used by children?

The effect of the Cell is caused by frequencies and not chemicals. It is non-invasive and non-chemical, therefore, we have no reservations in this respect. Our clinical studies indicate that it is safe for everyone.

23. Can the Cell be worn while showering or bathing?

Yes, the Cell can be worn while showering or bathing due to its special composition of materials. Please note that (prolonged) exposure to water affects the durability of the adhesive bandage, which is why it’s best to remove it before showering if you can.

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