Schumann Resonances

Schumann resonances support our natural ability to heal and regenerate.

A Planetary Frequency of Life


The Schumann resonance is generated at the upper layers of our atmosphere by lightning that feeds the planet with an extremely low frequency (ELF) band. They have existed for at least as long as there has been life on earth.

Schumann waves move between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere as stationary waves. Within this space, lightning flashes create strong impulses that cause it to oscillate, while the waves themselves take on various modes. The best-known of these is situated at 7.83 hertz, the next at 14.34 hertz. There are several other modes that have a positive effect on living cells.

Schumann resonances belong to ambient regenerative frequency range that happens to be scarce in city conditions, due to insulation by concrete, asphalt, rubber and soles.

Lack of exposure to Schumann resonances has been shown to cause fatigue, migraines, brain fog, mood changes and cellular degeneration. Reintroducing the frequencies – whether by nature or artificially created spectra – has shown to reverse negative symptoms in cities, underground facilities and even space stations.

Winfried Schumann, the son of a physical chemist, was eager to prove that the earth has a pulse, as does any sphere within a sphere where the two are charged and rotate. He was right. The negatively charged earth interacts with the positively charged ionosphere, creating a belt that is intimately connected to life’s reorganizing principle.

What Winfriend Schumann could not predict is that correct application of the waves could help the human body regenerate against any stressors that undermine cell functions. By combining Schumann waves with several other ambient frequencies, we are able to buffer the body from the hazards of EMF and other manmade stressors in everyday modern life.

Life evolved under Schumann Resonances over billions of years. Its presence is still vital for our health and wellbeing.