Understanding Biophysical Health

Natural fields regulate our sensation, digestion, circulation and movement.

Four decades after Nikola Tesla suggested that the we are made entirely of energy and waves, quantum mechanics confirmed what was going on inside the atom, namely vibrations inside emptiness. Today we know that all matter – both organic and inorganic – vibrates with electromagnetic frequencies.

The human body, cells, organs and micro-organisms generate specific electrical currents that flow through the tissues and therefore operate magnetic fields both within and around us.

We refer to these biophysical fields as vital fields.

Both biochemistry (nutrients, chemicals) and biophysics (currents, fields) are critical to life, with an important difference. Think of biochemistry as the central heater and biophysics as the electronic thermostat. Responding to a change in temperature outside, the thermostat sends a signal to the boiler at lightspeed, which then takes minutes or hours to heat up in response.  Life depends on the same principle, using instant waves to coordinate slow chemical synthesis. This is how we are able to process over 400 billion actions per second between trillions of cells, organs and micro-organisms to maintain life.

All biophysical events operate under the laws of physics, where signals create interference patterns just like ripples in a pond, transferring and sharing energy and information from one object to another. The efficiency of this communication is measured by resonance.

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light.”

― Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp

The latest science of epigenetics confirms the importance of vital fields on life.  In the new biology, DNA is merely the blueprint for protein structures, whereas behavior itself is guided by environmental signals that are received by the cell’s membrane. A healthy body that is able to process and respond to external stressors flexibly is high in resonance, able to communicate efficiently, more adaptive to change outside and more resistant to stressors.

Environmental signals cover the gamut of life – from nutrition and chemicals to electromagnetic fields, sounds, light, radiation, our thoughts and emotions (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta frequencies) and also the fields generated by other organisms -, fauna, flora, and nature itself. They shape the commune of cells known as the human body.

Knowing this, we can choose to limit signals that undermine our health and support the ones that bring us more energy.

Manmade electromagnetic fields such as cell phone radiation undermines our health when excess exposure disrupts resonance in the body. Mitochondria, the cellular energy plants that generate ninety-five percent of our total energy needs, operate with an electric principle that is particularly sensitive to electrosmog.

Long-term damage to mitochondria is the root cause of most forms of chronic disease, which is why it’s important to start thinking about health also from a biophysical aspect.

This is where WaveLife comes in.

WaveLife solutions generate extremely precise vital fields to help energize areas where resonance is low, thereby making the body more resistant to environmental stressors such as electrosmog.