Subtle biophysical fields known as vital fields influence and direct human behavior, healing and regeneration. Harnessing The Human Field. Natural electromagnetic fields are integral to our health and wellbeing.

All matter, both organic and inorganic, vibrates and emits electromagnetic frequencies. Organs and cells produce electrical currents that flow through the tissues and also generate magnetic fields. We refer to these fields as vital fields (Vitalfeld).

Vital fields allow for instant communication between our body systems, cells and micro-organisms. The efficiency of this communication is measured by a biophysical principle known as resonance. In a human biophysical system, resonance equates with health, our ability to regenerate.

Targeted, machine made vital fields can support specific functions of the body – such as endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular, urogenital, brain, reproductive, lymph and immune systems – with resonant frequencies that transfer energy and information to where they are most needed.

The same principle can be used to support specific organs, micro-organisms, cells, nerves, vessels and bone structures; to regulate toxic loads and metabolism; to support microbial balance; to counter allergies, inflammation and sensitivities; and to promote general vitality in people who are excessively exposed to modern stressors.

Vital fields are being used today by prominent health practitioners and clinics to support the body’s inherent healing mechanism. For the first time, the same principle is available to consumers directly, with portable and wearable devices. Read more about biophysical medicine here.