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We support your health, vitality and longevity with advanced biophysical solutions that mimic nature’s healing principle.


Tap Into Nature’s Revitalizing Principle – Anywhere, Anytime

Introducing a portable solution to energise life. For home and office.

Biophysical Health

About Wavelife

Nature’s subtle fields promote health and vitality. We do the same.


Learn How To Stay Safe

Shield yourself against the damaging effects of cell phone radiation and other sources of electrosmog.

Schumann Resonances

Discover Nature’s Life Promoting Frequencies

Schumann resonances, a spectrum of planetary frequencies in the 7Hz to 100Hz range that are created by lighting, have a significant impact on our health and well-being.


The Fields That Govern Life

Subtle electromagnetic fields maintain and energise physiological processes such as sensation, digestion, circulation, and movement. What if we could harness these fields?

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